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Eric Stafford

Finally - we’re featuring an industrial design student. Eric Stafford, a third year student at Humber College shows some incredible renderings on his deviantart (ugh) page. His line quality, colouring, and perspective are spot on. He also seems to be featuring some of his photography now. Definitely go check out his work, it really is incredible.

You know what would make being a design student a lot easier/more fun? If all the friggin’ design magazines weren’t $20.00 an issue! And then of course the European mags are the best, and they’re $30.00! That’s the price of a hardcover book…maybe that’s why we all fight so hard to be in one.

The Cranbrook Academy of Art just commissioned Elliot Earls (not a student) to design posters for their school’s courses: 2D Design, Ceramics, Painting, Fiber (shown above), Photography, Print Media, Sculpture, 3D Design, Metal Smithing, and Architecture.

These are what art school posters should look like. This is how an art school should market themselves to students. I have never understood those college posters of happy students sitting on the grass having a picnic with their books open. An art school’s brand should inspire students - especially in schools where branding is taught! It’s not often that beautiful art/design school promotional material shows up, so it’s always refreshing to see it.

Go check out all the posters, and become as jealous as I am of Cranbrook’s students…