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I came across an interesting site today: Basically what looks like a facebook for OCAD students/fans (is fans the right word? I just mean you don’t have to be a student to join the community). The part that grabbed my attention was the Art. There is a whole database of student-created and added artwork that you can browse through and comment on. I wish all design schools had places like this. I don’t know why showcasing the students work isn’t a top priority for schools, because it is really the most encouraging/non-encouraging factor in choosing a future school.

The other thing I found on myocad was a strong hatred for the students’ own school. There is more than one comment with the same attitude as this: And I think people on facebook still love ocad cause they haven’t graduated yet and have yet to see how totally full of shit most of their classes were in terms of helping them be employable.

Man, chill out, you get to live in Toronto!