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Ed Lives Here

The popular print education Series Ed has been a hit in my class since we discovered them in our first year (they’ve tended to go “missing” quickly). A number of publications showcasing and educating students on the potential of paper, ink, and printing.

It is self-described: Ed is a continuing education series sponsored by NewPage. Over the years Ed has delivered technical advice on all things printing; coatings, inks, retouching, prepress, embossing and more. Above all, Ed is here to help you understand the amazing things you can do with paper, and how to improve the work you do with it.

The series is now online in a fantastic new website, Ed Lives Here. Now you can look into all the amazing printing processes, add-ons, and capabilities online (no more fighting over the books!). It’s certainly worth any students attention. A designer not understanding printing, is like a racecar driver not understanding how the car works. Spend some time and browse the site.