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Print recognizes

I picked up the current issue of PRINT today (if you’re in design school and haven’t looked thru a copy of PRINT, then wake up and find one) and was delighted to see the results of the 43rd Student Cover Competition. Basically students from around the world, design a cover based on the theme provided. This year, the theme was “design culture youth”. The article that accompanied the winning design spoke about the high number of entries they received depicting “youth” as “angst-filled” and “violent”. Fortunately, the judges chose three covers for the top prizes that were light and fun… three covers that were not easily recognized as student-designed covers (and that’s such a good thing).

This seems like something that should be obvious in student competitions… the most professional pieces should get top grades. But I feel like in other student competitions put on by different magazines (especially Applied Arts), the winning designs are always good student designs. I mean, they’re good pieces of art… but still very student. They don’t have the sophistication and sense that they should. I just hate the idea of judges picking a design that fits the student profile without going too professional. So thank you Print, for giving students the respect we deserve.

You can pick up this magazine in most bookstores I’m sure. But I would highly suggest subscribing to it. I haven’t yet, but plan on doing so very soon. It’s the book for graphic design and is always filled with great work, and interesting articles.